Keynote Speakers

The keynote speakers of this edition reflect the diversity of topics the conference embraces. The speakers have been invited to pinpoint the weakest points in current state of the art.

Stefano Brandani profile photo

Prof Stefano Brandani

Editor in Chief of the journal Adsorption (Springer) and Professor of Chemical Engineering at The University of Edinburgh. He is a world-leading expert in the fundamentals of adsorption and adsorption processes, with a particular interest in the characterisation of kinetics of gases and vapours in nanoporous materials.



Dr David Oliver

David is a recognised expert in phase change materials and in transferring applied thermal storage and thermal energy materials concepts from lab to society. He is co-author of seven patents and as Head of materials at Sunamp, he is responsible for materials development and quality control, intellectual property, enhancement of collaborations with academia and integration of new innovations into existing architectures.


David Reay profile photo

Prof David Reay

Editor-in-Chief of Thermal Science and Engineering Progress (Elsevier). Founding Editor and past Editor-in-Chief of Applied Thermal Engineering (Elsevier). He is currently an Honorary Professor at the University of Nottingham, and Visiting Professor at Northumbria University.

Annelies Vandersickel profile photo

Prof Annelies Vandersickel

Head of the Thermal Process Technology Department of the German Aerospace Center (Professor of Thermal Energy Storage at the University of Stuttgart.

Brian Agnew profile photo

Prof Brian Agnew

Emeritus Professor of Energy and the Environment at Northumbria University. Brian has been active in the field of Thermal Systems for many years through the University and as a consultant.