Conference Topics

The Heat Powered Cycles conference series embraces all research and development efforts on heat emission, sourcing and utilisation. The conference is the prime forum for heat-related solutions that can constitute the backbone of the future energy system.

Current conference topics encompass the following:


Thermo Economic Analysis

  • Economic models in thermal engineering
  • Scale Economy of thermal technologies
  • Life Cycle Analysis of thermal technologies
  • Heat in the Energy System

Heat Integration

  • Intelligent Thermal Energy Systems
  • Heat-emitting processes

Thermal Technologies

  • Heat Pumps
  • Ab/adsorption machines
  • Heating and Cooling devices
  • Heat Storage
  • (Organic) Rankine Cycles
  • Heat-powered desalination
  • Advenced Heat Exchangers
  • Heat pipes
  • Heat-Powered Carbon Capture, Storage and Conversion
  • Heat-to-X Technologies
  • District Heating
  • Heat generation (from renewable, non-renewable and unconventional sources)

Heat and Mass Transfer

  • Thermal properties of heat transfer and working media
  • Nanofluids heat transfer, transport and thermal properties

Thermal Modelling for Design

  • Optimisation methods applied to thermal technologies
  • Transient Modelling
  • Off-design Modelling