Special Workshop on Direct Atmospheric Carbon Capture, Storage and Conversion

Many advanced Direct Atmospheric Carbon Capture (DAC) processes are heat-driven. This edition of the Heat Powered Cycles Conference dedicates a special workshop on Tuesday the 5th of September to focus on DAC concepts for carbon storage and conversion, to accelerate R&D and promote meeting among experts. This focused workshop aim at setting a lively discussion and networking forum.

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Topic covered in the workshop

The special workshop covers the following topics:

  • Heat-powered advanced absorption and/or adsorption systems
  • CO2 separation with low-grade-heat
  • Advanced materials & cycles for heat-powered adsorptive CO2 capture
  • Heat-powered direct air capture
  • CO2 storage and/or conversion from direct air capture processes
  • Innovative processes for CO2 conversion to chemicals and/or fuels


R&D projects in this conference

Projects that have confirmed their presence include SolDAC (EU+UK), DAC-TALES (DE), PrISMa (UK+USA+CH+NO), HPDAC (CHIN+CA), M4D (UK), USorb-DAC (UK+FR+CH+USA).